5 January 2006
Since the Discogs site is growing I really started to think about abandoning doing the discographies. What do you think about it? Let me know.

30 October 2005
[Fluke] Added 'Bullet 2005'.

8 October 2005
[Fluke] Added 2Bit Pie promo single (collaborations section).

2 October 2005
[Photek] Added Gwen Stefani remix.

14 September 2005
[Fluke] Added 2Bit Pie single - new Fluke alter ego (check under collaborations section).

4 September 2005
Due to lack of free time I won't continue Plump DJ's discography. Sorry...
[Photek] Added Ringside & Jem remixes.

31 May 2005
[Syntax] Unfortunately Syntax has split up. Read here about it...

7 May 2005
Once again, my e-mail has changed. I think it will be for the last time.

16 April 2005
[Photek] Added Photek & Teebee "Fake Id/Mercury" 12" single and Nine Inch Nails "The Hand that Feeds" remix.

3 April 2005
[Photek] Added remix made for Shy FX & T Power and also a collaboration with Die.

16 February 2005
[Fluke] Added very rare 'Hang Tough' CD5 promo.

28 January 2005
[Voo Voo] Od dnia 28.01.2005 nie prowadzę już dyskografii Voo Voo. Znajdziecie ją pod adresem: http://voovoo.art.pl/records/voovoo.html.

16 January 2005
[Fluke] New Fluke remix: Trisco - Southpaw (fluke's glassjaw mix).

6 January 2005
[Photek] Added new remix, for Tubby T and 2 singles: MDZ.04 Album Sampler and No Joke/Baltimore.

1 January 2005
[Fluke] New fan Fluke site, check it out: http://www.absurdfluke.com

15 November 2004
[Fluke] Added new Fluke remix: X-Dream - The 1st (you can listen to it here).

4 November 2004
My e-mail has changed, check out your address books.

26 September 2004
[Plump DJ's] Added new Plump DJ's single called 'Soul Vibrations'.

30 August 2004
[Syntax] Added some promo vinyls and cd's.

29 August 2004
[Syntax] Added more details on japanese version of 'Meccano Mind'.

16 August 2004
[Syntax] Added japanese version of 'Meccano Mind'.

15 August 2004
[Syntax] Added Love Song single.

10 August 2004
[Syntax] Added Love Song/Bliss (remixes) single.

17 July 2004
[Photek] Added Pole Postion Mix compilation and remixes made by Photek for M.I.S.T., Beth Orton and Bumblebeez 81.

15 June 2004
[Plump DJ's] Added Rennie Pilgrem 'Some Place Funky (plump dj's remix)'.

6 June 2004
[Plump DJ's] Added Freestylers 'Push Up (plump dj's remix)'.

28 May 2004
[Fluke] Added 'Slid (king of cool remixes)' single.

23 April 2004
[Plump DJ's] Added 'Creepshow (remixes)' single.

26 March 2004
[Plump DJ's] Added another promo for 'Eargasm'.

8 March 2004
[Plump DJ's] First additions to the discography!! Mostly fixes, but I also changed whole "remix" area.

6 March 2004
[Syntax] I decided to exclude Syntax discography from Fluke one. [Plump DJ's] And I added new discography: Plump DJ's!!! It's very early version (many additions needed) - test it freely!!

20 February 2004
[Fluke] Added info for Syntax' 'Bliss' single.

11 February 2004
[Fluke] Added full tracklisting for Syntax' 'Meccano Mind' album.

19 January 2004
[Fluke] Added 'Little Mind' promo cd in Syntax section. There's also promo 12" with 'Bliss' on it...

12 December 2003
[Fluke] Next Syntax single will be Message - you can already hear it and watch the video on official Syntax site. There is also free mp3 version of 'Liquid' (other mix than on 'Xmas Demos') on official Fluke site - you just have to find it ;-)

19 November 2003
[Voo Voo] Kolega emvoo podeslal mi kilka zdjec z koncertu z Nysy. Mozna je obejrzec tu: 1 2 3 4 5 6.
[Fluke] Added Syntax - Pray promo CD5.

14 November 2003
[Fluke] Official Fluke site is already up and running!!

12 November 2003
[Photek] Added Choc Ty - We Got Heat (photek drum & bass mix) [Fluke] There is also official Syntax site.

10 November 2003
[Fluke] Added promo sampler for Syntax album 'Meccano Mind'

27 October 2003
[Voo Voo] Nowa kolaboracja WW, tym razem z filmem "Zmruż Oczy".

21 October 2003
[Photek] Added London Elektricity - Different Drum (photek remix).

17 October 2003
[Voo Voo] Dodalem kolaborację WW z YeShe.

12 October 2003
[Voo Voo] Dodalem plyte "Voo Voo z Kobietami".

11 October 2003
I've changed design a little bit. It's more functional now, I think.

16 September 2003
[Fluke] If you're interested in Fluke lyrics, check out this site.

13 September 2003
[Voo Voo] Dodalem singiel promocyjny "Czas Pomyka".

9 September 2003
[Fluke] Added Puppy vinyl version. It has one extra track.

1 September 2003
[Voo Voo] (sorry guys, polish band, polish news) Jednak o Voo Voo bede pisal po polsku ;-) Dodalem 'Plytke Klubowa nr 3' z wystepem VV w Janowcu. Aha, a w pazdzierniku nowa plyta: "Voo Voo i Kobiety".

18 August 2003
[Photek] Added The Faint - Total Job (photek remix).

12 August 2003
[Fluke] There is new Fluke official site, however it's still under construction...

8 August 2003
[Fluke] Added Human League remix.

13 July 2003
[Voo Voo] Added Fisz collaboration.

12 July 2003
[Fluke] Added 'Switch' 12" version.

8 July 2003
[Fluke] There is new single called 'Switch'. And it's 30 mins long!!

6 July 2003
[Voo Voo] Another small additions in collaborations section.

20 June 2003
[Fluke] According to Progressive Sounds website new Fluke album will be out on 11st of August 2003. It looks, like it will be released with the same tracklisting as the promo. It could be very bad - all tracks sounds very unfinished, and doesn't match each other. Let's hope they have change them a little.

1 June 2003
[Fluke] Added full tracklisting with times for 'Puppy'. The promo is called 'Puppy' so I don't know which title will be for the album: 'Puppy' or 'Puppy on Paradise'.

27 May 2003
[Voo Voo] Another small additions in collaborations section.

24 May 2003
[Fluke] Added 'Philly (razormaid remix)' in collaborations section.

21 May 2003
[Fluke] Added cd5 promo for 'Absurd - The Remixes'.

20 May 2003
[Fluke] Added promo for 'Puppy in Paradise' album.

18 May 2003
[Voo Voo] Next additions in collaborations section.

4 May 2003
[Voo Voo] Small additions in collaborations section.
[Fluke] Added time for 'Zion' track. Unfortunately it's just another mix of 'Slap It' :-(.

25 April 2003
[Fluke] It seems that new Fluke album has changed the title to 'Puppy in Paradise' and it will be released soon (may or june).

30 March 2003
[Fluke] Apparently on 'Matrix Reloaded' soundtrack will be new Fluke track called 'Zion'.

28 March 2003
[Fluke] Added info on split single with Fluke's 'Slid (wrecked angle remix)'.

22 March 2003
[Fluke] Some minor changes in 'Atom Bomb', 'Squirt', 'Electric Guitar' and Trisco sections.

28 February 2003
[Fluke] There is new Fluke song: Slid (wrecked angle mix). It was played by John Digweed on the radio and it sounds like it's done recently. I don't know if/when it will be relased...

25 February 2003
As you can see, I've changed the design. Do you like it?

22 February 2003
[Fluke] Added info on 'Hang Tough' 12" single.

21 February 2003
[Fluke] Added two new 7" singles: 'Philly' and 'Groovy Feeling'.
[Photek] Finally added time for 'Mine to Give (david morales bonus mix)'. Little correction at 'T'raenon/Kanei' single.

20 February 2003
[Science] Added some info on Photek's 'Mine to Give' and Stecey Pullen's 'Vertigo' singles.

19 February 2003
[Photek] Changed times for 'Mine to Give (happy mix)' and 'Neptune'.

9 February 2003
[Fluke] Updated promo 12" #1 of 'Absurd'.

8 February 2003
[Fluke] Added french promo of 'Philly'.

3 February 2003
[Fluke] Added info on 'Bubble' 12" promo.

31 January 2003
[Fluke] Finally added info on 'Absurd' and 'Slid' promos. Also added new remix by Fluke made for Rairbirds. And I'm changing the way of adding infos: at the beginning I notice which discography info is about (just like you see it now).

27 January 2003
I added times for BOB 14 in Badorb.com Records discography.

There is finally commercial release of Syntax' Pray single and some small changes in Trisco entry in Fluke's.

23 December 2002
News from Ryan Edwars for all Fluke fans:

"John Peel played two new Fluke tracks on Radio 1 on the 19th.
Switch/Twitch 11:38
Hang Tough vs Wild Oscar 9:50

Those times aren't precise because it has a little bit of Peel talking at the beginning and end.

Fluke did a mix set on Annie Nightingale's show on Radio 1 today, the 22nd. It was about 30 minutes.

Both of these radio appearences are really good. [...] Switch/Twitch is THE best dance track I've heard in years. My favorite dance group is Underworld and it surpasses most of their work. Hang Tough is really good also. I assume that it's a remix for the new single. It should be really good. The mix set was great also and it's probably a good indication of how the mix album should sound."


7 December 2002
Major changes in Photek discography (I have removed Special Forces entry, I want only to focus on Photek releases) and some in Science Records discography.

23 November 2002
No news for the long time. Anyway here are some ones: updated time for Tosh (bosh) in Fluke section. And for the bad news: Badorb.com Records doesn't exist anymore...

I also changed the 'Other Stuff' section into Multimedia Dustbin Records section. It's my own records company ;-) You can check it out if you want to...

28 October 2002
Finally, Fluke's "Pulse" has been released commercially today on One Little Indian - only 12"'s for now.

21 October 2002
Updated Fluke remix of Atlas' "Compass Error".

17 October 2002
There is nice interview with Jon Fugler from Fluke on Progressive Sounds site.

Here are the main things I know:
- next single will be Hang Tough, released somewhere at the end of 2002
- the album will go out spring or summer 2003 - it can be even 2cd set
- there will be also a dj-mix album called Sleeping Beauties, and "it should be out early 2003" - so, before Puppy
- Fluke has made some remixes (unreleased yet): Atlas Compass Error, Human League Love Action and 2 unknown tracks from Mcarther and Sander Kleinenberg.
- Syntax is Mike Tournier, who is no longer in Fluke
- so Fluke is now a duo: Jon Fugler and Mike Bryant

Everything is already in discography ;-)

10 October 2002
News on Fluke from Roman Shirokoff:
"Fluke remixed Atlas "Compass Error" (an old classic from 1993 getting a re-release very soon).
The album is going to called Puppy and the release date is settled for something like spring 2003."

20 September 2002
More info on Pulse promos and Syntax - Pray single in Fluke discography

4 September 2002
Added info on Pulse promos in Fluke discography

3 September 2002
Updated Trisco - Ultra info in Fluke discography

1 September 2002
Added time for Tosh (bosh) in Fluke discography. And now, when you move over the name of the band on the left side you will see when it was last updated (works only on main page).

27 August 2002
Added Lucky Monkeys "Bjango" promo CD in Fluke discography.

24 August 2002
Some things added in Fluke discography: Fluke Box - 3 CD version of Progressive History X, including many rare tracks; Jon Fugler collaboration with Trisco; second Lucky Monkeys - Bjango promo.

15 August 2002
Added BOB14 in Badorb.com Records discography.

10 August 2002
Added in Fluke discography: Mellow remix by new Fluke alter ego, Syntax; some other little bugs fixed.

4 August 2002
Added Bless You compilation UK edition details and US Orb's "Cool Harbour" single info in Badorb.com Records discography.

Here's full info on Fluke's Xmas Demos (posted by perman on Fluke mailing list):
"Ok, it's official. The Fluke - Xmas Demos CD has been released. I got my copy today and it's great. I'll attach a scan to this e-mail that should have all of the discography information you will need (except the track times which I will supply). There is one abnormality on this particular copy of the CD. There should be a track break on the disc TOC (table of contents) between track 5 and 6 (as listed on the insert) but it appears to be missing on the copy I received. So on my copy of the CD track 5 includes "Expo 00" and "Another Kind Of Blues" unmixed. Here is the track listing with times (as they should be):

1. YKK (7:07)
2. NEBULUS (6:08)
3. BABY PAIN (6:02)
4. LIQUID (5:38)
5. EXPO 00 (6:35)

(Expo 00 and Another Kind of Blues combined are 11:34)

Note, I have just sent off this information to Rich Morley and submitted a data profile to cddb.com."

3 August 2002
Added (radio edit) of World of Twist's She's a Rainbow in Fluke discography.

2 August 2002
Added Fluke's Xmas Demos CD promo in Fluke discography.

17 July 2002
Added some details to Bless You compilation in Badorb.com Records discography.

11 July 2002
More news from Roman:

"Fluke's new single "Pulse" is to be released next month on One Little Indian. Tong played it last week (or two weeks ago?), but unfortunately I missed it :("

3 July 2002
Good news to all Fluke fans, posted by Roman Shirokoff:

"Fluke are working on their next album. 3/4 of the album is done (or maybe it's completed already). The only other thing I know about it that it's gonna be more breaky and deeper and their."

29 June 2002
Added times for Cod Head 12" in Badorb.com Records discography.

27 June 2002
Welcome to my completely redesigned site!!

I decided to expand the quantity of the discographies. You can find them by clicking on the appropriate name on the left.

I also try to write about any changes made in any discography, that you can know if there's something new and cool.

Check back here often ;-)

If you have any comment or addition please let me know - markolf@poczta.fm

'Other Stuff' is empty now. I'm working on adding something more there...