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What's New?

29 July 2009
Added unique edit of 2 Bit Pie's 'Colours' on One Little Indian compilation and removed Mellow remix - since it's remixed by Dr. Syntax, not Syntax.
21 June 2009
According to Mike Tournier - 'Amp' was released as a single only in Australia and 'Toot' never existed. So I moved 'Amp' entry to it's proper position, and removed 'Unrealeased and rumoured releases' section. Thanks to Martin Eve for info.
26 May 2008
Added some cassette singles (Groovy Feeling, Bubble, Electric Guitar, Out, Tosh).
24 May 2008
Some small changes to Fluke discography (moved Slid (king of cool) to bootlegs, two mixes to 'Unconfirmed Fluke remixes'). Added Thumper Remix 12".
21 May 2008
There are 2 Fluke tracks available to listen at extrememusic.com - True Color (it sounds like a remixed version of 'Nebulus') and Crack Unit.
13 November 2007
I noticed that vinyl version of 'Oto' has slightly different tracklisting... Also corrected some small mistakes.
5 January 2007
Added 2xCD promo version of "2 Bit Island".
8 November 2006
Added 2 Bit Pie "Here I Come (fluke mix)" CD-R promo.
24 October 2006
Added very rare CD-R promo for Pulse and more info on Atom Bomb from Wipeout XL soundtrack.

24 September 2006
I decided to split Fluke and other Fluke incarnations into two seperate parts - I think it's easier now to browse other Fluke aliases... (so Syntax discography is back again)

22 September 2006
Corrected info on Bjork's 'Big Time Sensuality' and 'Violently Happy' remixes. Added exclusive version of 'Pulse' on V2 SXSW compilation - not available anywhere!! And also 'Pulse (paris & healey remix)' - its only appearance on CD on 'CD Pool...' compilation. Thanks to David Scott Phillips for this info!!

5 September 2006
Added second Juno Reactor 'Pistolero' remix.

3 August 2006
Added picture of '2 Pie Island' promo cd (thanks to Martin Eve).

29 July 2006
Added more info on '2 Pie Island' and picture of 'Here I Come' single promo.

17 July 2006
Added promo CD for 2 Bit Pie's single 'Here I Come'.

12 July 2006
Great news for all Fluke and 2 Bit Pie fans!! The 2 Bit Pie album will be out on September 4th. More details in 2 Bit Pie section and on their official site (link below).

23 May 2006
Thanks to Craig Keliher I added more info and scans of 'Hang Tough' promo CD.

26 April 2006
I have added many pictures of Fluke releases. You can find front and back covers under the names front and back on the right side of the info (i.e. check Absurd or Hang Tough entry). All of the pictures I have found on the Internet. If you have some nice scans of front and back covers, inlays, cds etc. please send me the file and I'll place them on the site.

7 April 2006
I decided to focus only on Fluke discography. You can still browse the old site here. I'm working on new design of the site. I am also thinking about adding images of the releases...

Fluke Links

http://www.flukenet.info - official site
http://www.flukelyrics.com - Fluke lyrics
http://www.astralwerks.com/fluke - outdated, US site
http://www.global-trance.co.uk/fluke.html - Rich Morley's site
http://www.negative1.net/music/fluke/fluke_index.htm - -1 site
http://formpages.intap.net/fluke - FML site

http://www.indian.co.uk/2bitpie/ - 2 Bit Pie official site
http://www.myspace.com/2bitpie - 2 Bit Pie myspace.com
http://www.2bitpie.net - 2 Bit Pie fan site

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